Terms and condition


  • Lecture is created very carefully but it may happen that there may be some mistake occurs. Students must reconfirm
  • Any teacher or Institute is not responsible any such kind of mistake.
  • If any mistake is there and user should inform us at the email support@mathiit.com and we will remove in next version.
  • These lectures are to. support students and should not be consider as replacement of books or traditional teaching.
  • You are not allowed t download/share the lectures.


  • Quiz is just for testing how much students understand concept.
  • Result of quiz never indicate knowledge of student.
  • Any question may have wrong key or may be question is wrong.


  • Assignment is for practice of questions.
  • It may be taken from various books.

Refund Policy:

  • Please attend demo lecture before purchasing.
  • There will not be any refund once fees paid